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    October 29, 2012
    11:00 - 12:00am EDT  

hurricane sandy coverage continues. >> waiting for our press conference from the governor tom sullivan of 5:00 p.m. we'll have that for you as well. i
>> a live look at the dark in lower manhattan. around battery park, rather ominous there. >> new york city. he met did i tell you that you are an evacuee? >> we wear it with pride. >> political status? >> i don't know. now, listen, one of the lucky ones. a place to go. there are shelters in the area of zone a. we have blackouts in 1977, but
we've never had a blackout and flooding. >> you can see a cruiser right there, presumably locking down the street. parts of lower manhattan have serious flooding, as well as the subway systems there. tony fernandez has been out there all evening. can you paint a better picture breast? >> a lot of starbucks cups, no surprise, here there are larger wooden items that made its way throughout the course of wherever that water is originating from. the hudson river, where ever else it went through over the evening. it brought a lot of large agree with that as well. a testament to the power of the water when it was here. you guys really hit it on the head. it is very eerie out here. not the kind of way that we see new york city. there were some people coming around. but for the most part, it is very deserted and dark.
the power is still out. the nypd is a little bit more of a presence here. just keeping an eye on things, making sure that there isn't any kind of looting or any kind of crime down here. the flashing lights over the course of several blocks. the police are stationed pretty heavily here. we haven't seen any incidents. if anything, people are in a churcc will move looking at all of what is going on here. i don't think that that cheer is going to last aalong time. we are looking at long-term damage in terms of her care, and people are going to have to find bursaries. many races don't have generators. we will see how it goes, very quiet and calm. the water is receding quite a bit here in lower manhattan. >> do remember the porch that we were looking out in front of the whitehall building? could we see that again? that might give us a sense for
us who have been watching on tv where the water is. >> i have to say, it is still there. the water is really not that high at that point. maybe 2 feet tops. but as he said, you can get an idea of. >> that's great, i think they are taking video. thank you so much. we appreciate the report. we want to go to our reporter in the suv. >> brian quinn has a camera. he is on the move in lower manhattan. where are you now, brian? >> coming a bit north. forty-ninth street. trying to get a shot of the water as it is reaching the wall.
just underneatt the 69th street bridge. streets are very quiet. folks are playing with the wind a little bit. but it will push your body back. it is still very windy out. >> quiet, but least the lights are on. north of 40th street, which seems to be the demarcation between power and no power in manhattan. >> yes, that is correct. earlier we walked by. there were some rain coming down. >> we are starting to lose him. brian, i'm sorry, we can barely
hear you. >> can you hear me okay now? >> much better. >> okay, we just passed some trees down on the edge of the park there. as we can see, more trees over up on this and we are seeing these trees in this lights. these big branches have come down. >> wow, yes two there is damage their. >> one of them went through the storefront window, it looks like. >> as you can see, a pretty large tree right there. >> brian, where are you exactly? >> 8 inches around. we are two blocks north of the 59th street bridge. about 61st were 62nd street. >> okay, brian, thank you so much. are you going back down to where it started? >> yes, we will. >> be careful when you are down there. it is spooky and i will be heading down there little bit later myself.
brian quinn is on the move. thank you so much. >> if you are evacuated, you can be down their. >> my journalistic curiosity will drive me downtown. all right, let's go to a representative with connecticut light and power. >> hello, sir be met with the latest number of people without power in your state? >> i can tell you about a couple of state in massachusetts, we have 11,272 out. much carier story down in connecticut where we are at 493,000 without power. >> while. >> i guess you definitely have to wait until tomorrow morning to we start fixing things. >> yes, this is a 36 hour storm. even though the stars have come out, the moon is out, it starts
to have a little bit of a better feel. the rain coming out around midnight or so. this is aarestoration that could begin in earnest tomorrow. but we will be able to do so with a full complement of about 1000 [inaudible] 1001 workers and we didn't have last time. >> are you estimating at his point how long you'll think it will take to get everybody back? >> what happens is the next damage assessment and determine the nature of the damage and what is the best way to restore people iniquitous manner. so it is once we do that we can start giving customers an estimate. but this is going to be a restoration event, at least several days. >> several days if not weeks.
we have seen hurricane irene, people were without power for weeks. >> a significant number of folks in long island. >> thank you. that was al from connecticut light and power. >> we want to head over to nick gregory. this begs the question of what we are talking about all evening as we move further north. the storm surges. at what point, which towns and cities are going to be hitting those? >> we were concerned about western long island sound. the hudson surge will be coming down now as the tide goes out. as i have been watching, i have good news to report. somewhat good news. the water is still a flood stage in the western long island sound, but as we are watching, we are approaching high tide. but the surge is actually not as bad as we were thinking. that is good good news. the thought was we could get up to about 16 or maybe 17 feet. but it stopped at about
14.3 feet and is now all the way down. about 13.7 beta right now. right here in the western part of long island sound. positive news again, still above flood stage. it is still floating right now, but it least it is not as high as what we were thinking earlier. maybe this is a combination of the faster movement of sandy later on into this evening. you can still see the winds. sustained wind values up about 40 or 50 miles per hour in a lot of the area. notice they are bending a little bit now. just a good indication that the storm is pulling a little further away from us, and it will continue to do so. wind gusts to show you, these are the strongest. most recently reported, gusts of 75 miles per hour at newark, new jersey. 59 miles per hour at laguardia. earlier they were gusting 75 to
80 miles per hour across a lot of that area. let's talk about specific numbers that we are finding again in the city. fifty-nine, gusttng near bridgeport and a strong gusts over 50 miles per hour downtown. here is what i was talking about at kings point. the forecast is for 16 but surging waves. just coming back 12:00 a.m. the high tide just after midnight. it looks like now it has leveled out and is on its way down. that is some good news there. it is going to level off now and start leveling back down again, hoping that tomorrow morning's high tide comes in again, close to lunchtime will not be anywhere near what we have seen so far today. let's talk about some good news, too. not so much weatherwise in the next day or two, because we will still have rain into tomorrow, potentially showery and gusty weather.
as we head into the weekend, it will be much nicer in the upcoming forecast. we will be talking about cool weather, and it will finally try out. coming up on friday. once again, showing you the radar. as you notice, when brian was driving aroond in the car there. green jobs were appearing on his windshield. you can see why. moisture wrapping around circulation, and that is why we are dealing with showers into tomorrow's forecast and on towards tomorrow's forecast. twenty or 30 miles per hour sustained with occasional gusts up to 50. and winds will be even less in regards that to that as well. the next couple of hours, don't be surprised if you still get a gust of close to 70 miles an hour. back to you. >> nic, thank you so much for it you called all of this great he said it would be historic and unprecedented and it turned out to be so. >> unfortunately it came out to be true. the saving grace is that we
didn't get the flooding rains. that could make the inland areas of real disaster. north new jersey into the hudson valley and southern connecticut. it is bad enough that we have this massive coastal flooding. but think of you had flooding inland and rescues going on, rivers, and all that stuff. the least we can safely say that that didn't happen. >> keep bringing us this good news. >> allright. >> thank you very much. take a look at this picture. this is around union square. the fourth avenue sign should obviously be on the post- >> yes, about 12 feet off the ground. but it is not. >> what will they do? >> a testimony to the winds. >> will be returning they return it to the department of engineering? [applause] >> or perhaps the dorm room they will hang it up there. >> we will be right back. 4g lte is the fastest. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not loing for the fastest answer.
obviouslverizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so ch more than the other ones. so what we just changed the format altogether isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all otheretworks combined.
>> welcome back, everybody.
these are pictures of manhattan. one of our employees here at "fox 5" is driving through manhattan. this is on the light inside of manhattan. obviously no one of the 40th street. >> is getting kind of dark. i think most of the lights are coming from the vehicles. look on the site. on the left, that is all dark. let's take it from our friends at the "new york post." 250,000 customers without power in manhattan alone. most of manhattan below 39th street is out. adding that there was no timetable to getting the lights back on. however, if we have an aerial look, you will see the empire state building remains lit and according to this reporter's take on it proved to be an eerie sight among the darkened buildings surrounding it. the chrysler building, which is north of 40th street, still pretty wild, like a good
beating. brian quinn is on the move. so many people without power. we should also point out that the folks from the medical center, they were evacuating because they have been delivered to two medical facilities. we are wondering which ones. sloan-kettering. several hundred patients that had to be transferred. >> yes, this is definitely manhattan in the dark at this point. >> i would like to go to john with psg. are you there? >> okay, we just lost him. it looks like brian quinn is returning to nyu. once again, the power is out there. the backup generator has failed
and they have had to move hundreds and hundreds of patients and a very impressive -- again, a fleet of ambulances transferred these patients and brian quinn told us in an orderly fashion that these hospitals actually have pretty elaborate evacuation plans. and they were able to -- it looks like they're still making the switch from nyu langone to mount sinai. >> net, i am noticing. is it raining in manhattan, now? >> it is light rain, but it is raining. still being blown around by the wind. gusting up to 60 miles per hour. we will see some of these rain bands cover up and make circulation for quite some time. nothing like the heaviest rain that went through south jersey and towards the southern pennsylvania. they had about three to 5 inches of rain. rainfall totals earlier, this is just light rain. but it will continue.
as i have been saying, the circulation is so large that we will be dealing with this. we will be dealing with it for a couple of days in the forecast. we will talk about more showers and it leaves the winds will be backing off. the high wind speeds, the top of the ladder here at 94 miles per hour. upper 70s, kennedy airport at 75. laguardia, close, kennedy underwater. let's see what that's going to do when the water does receipt. if anything, the instrument landing systems of the use of the airport are having a rough go. when the first light of day hits, i wonder what we will find for damage out there. i think it will be a little shocking. >> it will be windy. >> winds gusting to 50 and
cloudy skies, there will be showers in the area. >> yes. i am really going to be curious to see what damage we are going to see along the coast from not just the surge but from the pounding waves and high winds. i think we are going to be a little bit shocked at what we will see. >> yes, your charter, as we see the numbers, they look like temperatures. they are wind speeds. those are the top wind gusts. foreign material for a. >> yes, exactly. these are now gone. >> nic, thanks so much. going to new jersey, adrian has been tossed out for about eight hours now. >> we are inside the truck even3 though our car is being slapped around a little bit.
look at that sideways rain. the high winds that we have been promised. because of the flooding and road closures everything from the ocean to this point is pretty much underwater. the question is, if it is this bad here, what do the other barrier islands look like? people were evacuated yesterday and we are told that some of them stay. i really cannot imagine riding the storm out. a tiny strip of land in the atlantic. the heavy winds are here. lots of flooding. miles from the beach. that is the latest. >> thank you so much. i have a disturbing message from breezy point. three or four houses on fire in breezy point. the peninsula, just below coney island. the fire department can get to be three or four houses. at breezy point is essentially
inaccessible. it was in zone a, the evacuation zone. some people declined to get out, now they have a real crisis there. this is a message directly from from someone who was alive in breezy point. they are reporting beach and 222nd street are now on fire. >> all the high winds around the area. starting with electrical power that is down. all the stuff that has been going on around the city. we have to hope that those folks are all going to be okay. >> we have another picture of a fire. there are reports of fires throughout the tri-state. up and down the eastern seaboard, focusing on new york,
new jersey, connecticut, washington dc, massachusetts. this is in massapequa. it is a fire that has completely engulfed the home. all right. tough stuff. >> we would like to check with john now. he is from pst on the status of how folks are doing. what can you tell us? >> well, unfortunately, we have 700,000 customers out. the winds have wreaked havoc with the trees coming down on our lines. on top of that, the storm surge has been unprecedented. we have been forced to shut down three of our stations because of this. it has affected 3000 customers. >> tell us how many customers
you have total? >> we have 2.2 million customers. we cut through most of the state. we are the largest utility in new jersey the better two thirds of our customers are out. >> i'm sorry? >> i was just going to ask you, is there a particular area where the outages are concentrated? >> no. they are in essex county. they are everywhere. no place to pinpoint. >> okay, john, we thank you. good luck in the days and weeks ahead. we know it will be difficult to get the lights back on and we wish you the best. factor in manhattan, we have our own power outage. our guide, brian quinn is in the middle of it. >> can you hear us?
>> tell us where you are right now? >> as you can see, the evacuations are continuing. still lining up in the streets. >> brian, i don't know this is the time to talk about anybody. i do still find it so hard to believe that this hospital could have had this problem of the power going out. >> taking responsibility and, you know, [inaudible] evacuating many patients at this hospital. >> you know, clearly they have a backup system just to think that the backup system could have
failed. >> so close to the water that makes sense in a way. right there by the east river. it least it is very impressive. we saw all of those ambulances. the evacuation plan, it seems to be going. a fleet of ambulance, going to sloan-kettering. >> we see some of the gurneys coming out right now. it is obviously going to take a wild. >> as we can see, a steady stream of manpower. ems and manpower. we need to move on soon. >> all right. what is your next destination?
>> by the way, you have been driving around the city for a couple of hours. what is your sense? the damage? how expensive. we are blown away by the flooding. but would you describe it as pockets of flooding, widespread flooding, how would you sum it up? >> i would sum it up largely as a way the city has water on the eastern edge. that is exactly what the city is dealing with. it makes sense, that's where the water is. >> what we are seeing now is continued rain. we first started driving around, there was not much rain. picking it up a little bit more, the rain is coming back down the. >> well, brian, thank you very
much, and we will check back in a little bit as you move around red remarkably different. >> as we have been saying, it is all up and down the eastern seaboard. we actually want to go to a fox reporter that is in pennsylvania tonight. lauren, can you tell us what are conditions like out there, and where are you specifically? >> i am in an area that is a suburb of philadelphia. one of the hotspots prone to flooding. we have that storm got storm before the storm. so much heavy rain. less than half from the local river. it floods along main street, we saw that along main street. the good news is that we are not going to see that kind of flooding this time because the rain tapered off. the bad news is that we are not off of the woods yet. we have the high winds at this
hour. this area, which is a highly populated business community, they are without power. on the other side, the businesses that you're seeing now, it goes up the hill, and that is populated by all residents. they are experiencing no power at the time. the reason is that we shut down the airports. public transportation is closed tomorrow. the high winds and power outages. we are continuing to remain vigilant and telling people to stay indoors because we just don't know how long it's going to last. past midnight into tomorrow. that is when they will reassess. the one good in all of this is that storm did diminish.
they are calling it more of a nor'easter tropical storm at this point. taking away the flood threat for our area. now, it is really just the @%nds. a friend just called me and said that he is going to continue watching the through the night. >> we thank you so much, lauren. >> we want to go back to nick gregory. i want to ask you this question. i guess hurricane sandy is no longer a tropical storm. would we technically calling it now? >> we are calling it an extra tropical storm. an extra tropical cyclone. >> what is significant about that? >> the structure of the storm has changed. when we are dealing with a hurricane, the temperature goes
up center part of the hurricane and stays warm. if we talk about nor'easter is, those are fueled by a different mechanism called cold core systems. transitioning from a warm core system to a cold core system takes it a process of becoming a large nor'easter. the structure of the storm changes. >> okay. >> it doesn't mean that it's any less intense. in fact, as we have been saying, what happens is when those transitions occur, the wind tends to spread out and the storm tends to widen out. the radar depiction started to get wide, an indication that it was undergoing the transition. it is just a large, basically a large nor'easter, if you will.
>> thank you folks. we have people trapped throughout the city and all kinds of different places. the latest we have heard that national guard troops are in the area on the move. fortunately floodwaters are starting to recede. stay with us. [ male announcer ] how do you trade? with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scottrader streaming quotes. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'mith scottrade.
>> look at that. this is ground zero, the memorial. filled with debris. >> that is shocking. it is unrecognizable. >> it is. >> what we have here? >> just about a month and a half ago, we were all down there for
9/11. >> i think this has to be closer to the museum. this cannot be the memorial pool itself. these steps -- unless the memorial pool has been obliterated -- >> okay, this is the world trade center site. there is a porta potty right there. this is still on the construction side of the world trade center site. nevertheless, things look incomplete and in complete disarray. what we used to call ground zero. >> it looked to the right like there are fountains. >> it seems to be water cascading through the construction site. for my vantage point, it does not look right memorial pool.
>> it is the world trade center site. it took a real beating today. >> we are going to howard beach in queens where we hear the national guard is out there. there have been several people trapped. we have been reporting this all evening. the second floor of the hotel. joel, are you there? >> yes. what is the latest? alaska we talked, the water was rising. you are on the second floor. what's happening now? >> the water has essentially receded. thankfully. the water is going down. it is at a dangerous level, but it has gone down quite a bit. about seven minutes ago, what appeared to be a national guardsman vehicle, almost looking like a monster truck came barreling through the higher portion of the street here.
you don't appreciate these first responders until this moment. but they came up to the front of the motel, asking if everyone was okay. we are all on the second floor. the first floor is submerged. this woman was in real amount of pain trying to get around. they were very concerned about her. they asked us about her. she seems to be doing okay. they have asked us to stay put until the morning. they are going to try to get that going at that time. >> all right. how long have you been out there? >> we have been here since maybe about noon or 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. stuck in the hotel for about the last six hours or so.
>> okay, joel, we appreciate your report so much. >> greg, one thing i want to add is that i am getting a lot of tweets tonight thing that we have no power here. people who are in zone b. they wanted the first responders to know about that as well as. >> zone b, which was not a mandatory evacuation zone by any means. not everyone got out of zone a. i'm curious what the specifications are. according to the city website, zone b is a moderate likelihood of evacuation. zone b residents were told not to evacuate. zone a residents were evacuated.
we will pass that on. you are talking to a lot of people. a lot of people in zone b who were not given an evacuation order, but probably wish they had been. >> absolutely. >> well, there's probably a lot of flooding in a lot of areas that were not part of the evacuation zone because it is so unprecedented. when we wake up tomorrow morning, we are probably going to be were surprised by the damage that we find all over the city and all over the tri-state, as a matter of fact. >> we have brian quinn available? he is in that mobile unit. he's not available. let's go to sharon, she is available. let's start with you. you are in new jersey. how are you holding up? >> we are holding up okay. here in atlantic highlands. i just spoke a couple minutes ago with thh town administrator and he told me that the marina
has really been devastated. the peers are down. a lot of the votes are on land instead of one water. especially to the atlantic highlands treatment plan. something we are going to have to deal with. generators have to come in as well as the borough. gusts of wind coming. most of the damage was floodwaters. we lost power probably about 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. nobody on the street except for emergency vehicles. one of the things that happened earlier this evening was we got a call at two firefighters were going to perform a rescue. we watch them get into a raft and going to the floodwaters. into the darkness they went, they got a report that children
were in a the vote. it turns out that that was a prank. just consider this. these firefighters, they really risk their own lives. thinking they were going to help someone, and in fact, it was just someone pulling a prank. you know, who does something like that? in the middle of a storm like this. anyway, that happened about an hour or so ago. other than that, they are just very concerned about what they're going to find in mourning, with all the floodwaters that they see here in atlantic highlands new jersey. right along first avenue, two blocks from the water here. >> well, sharon, thank you so much. hang in there. thank you for your reporting tonight. >> a couple of hours ago, a dramatic scene. the coned plant on 14th street, look at this. >> a huge explosion. and we think this contributed --
this contributed to the massive power outage that has occurred south of 40th street. it seems to me that the lights are out. some of them right after that blast. bob mcgee is on the phone. hello, sir. that was quite a display we saw. the explosion at the 14th street facility. >> very mad. it is the facility where the power comes in their. >> there was a lot of debris because that spectacular explosion. it wound up knocking out power to about 250,000 people at the time. >> so this is what you can account for? >> when the event occurred in the lights went out -- we
believe that the two are very definitely interrelated. >> here is what we don't understand. we had a representative on the show and they said it was at a steam state facility. >> pristine facilities are excellent. it had been shut down earlier because of the floodwaters. along with the two shutdowns around battery park area and substations there. >> deliberate shutdowns. bob, before it gets out, is everyone below 40th street in the dark? is that still the case? is that a result of some failure? >> south of 39th street on the east side and on the westside, it should be south of 31st street with the exception of a sliver of area at the very
southwest part. which still has lights. >> okay, bring us up-to-date overall on the numbers if you can. >> we have 60,000 people without power right now. the numbers are still very substantial. 150,000 in westchester. obviously, a lot of overhead, a lot of waters down. trees down and etc. brooklyn and queens each have about 70,000 people out. 248 in manhattan at the moment. 248,000 in manhattan and 74,000 and that an island. >> i cannot recall anything like this, bob. this kind of widespread outage. has there been? you are in the business. >> it is certainly an epic event. obviously, the blackouts in 1965 and 1977. but this is a substantial than.
>> then. >> what were the numbers in 2003? >> you know, i don't have those at my fingertips. so i would have to defer for the moment to be able to look at something accurate. i would not want to give you anything that was wrong information. >> what is likely to come back first? >> it will take about three or four days to restore once the floodwaters receded. there is about -- the storm surge is really unprecedented. we have been looking at 10 to 12-foot storm surges. it turned out that there were 14 feet. this is really unprecedented and we will have to wait for the water to receive over the east 13th street spot to get a look at the damage and needs to be
prepared. you know, we do have central overhead damage in westchester. we won't even know until tomorrow morning because there could be more customers that wind up losing power. and then we will have our damage assessors go out and begin to evaluate where they can affect the greatest number of restorations as soon as possible. you know, we are looking at probably a week for some spots. it is obviously a major event. >> bob, before you go, we have dwelt on manhattan. the power outage is stark and limited and confined to one area place. queens is seeming to get the worst? >> yes. as i mentioned, queens and brooklyn, both about 70.
the low-lying areas are the ones that are the most susceptible to damage from flooding. that damage from flooding, as it gets into underground equipment, the restoration period, it can be quite substantial. >> pulley, if there were not a lot of impediments in certain locations, we can get to them. >> thank you for updating us twice on that. bob from coned. >> my pleasure. >> okay, folks, we are going to take a break. we will reset things on the other side. you are watching hurricane coverage of hurricane sandy
from maine to maui, thousands ofigh school students across the country are getting in on the action by volunteering in their communities. chris young: action teams of high school students are joining volunteers of america and major league baseball players to help train aninspire the next generation of volunteers. carlos peña: it's easy to start an action team at your schoo so you, too, can get in on the action. get in on the action at >> a live look at the approach
to the rfk bridge that has been closed for the last five hours. >> that there are lights. >> yes, there are lights. as far as we know, there are two ways into or out of manhattan. the lincoln tunnel and the midtown tunnel. we have heard no word about the brooklyn bridge, but we believe it is open. let's go back to our reporter. he is rolling about in his own car with a camera providing us live pictures of the transfer of patients from and why you medical center. they had a huge power outage there. they had to move several hundred patients to other hospitals. >> i think you are on your way to mount sinai's. is that in the on the hospital's? >> yes, it is. we were just passed by one of the ambulances, that is moving. they are moving them over to the next hospital.
he could be going to sinai. that is the expected location. but as he is moving, there are a lot of branches. branch is large enough to blocked the street. >> well, brian, thank you very much. tell us where you are specifically. >> we have looked away from the hospital now. it is hard to keep track of the streets themselves. but i think this is probably 29th street. >> okay.
>> now we can see, it's a little bit darker. but up ahead, we can see the lights of the city and start. >> i don't know if you had a chance to assess assess this at all, but you have any idea of the conditions of the patients they are moving? are these critical care people? >> i do not know. i must imagine that they would evacuate the critical care people first. brian, we appreciate your report. >> okay, let's go down to tran-ones fernandez. >> i would say about a block and a half further back when we first came here and noticed the terrible flooding situation. things have definitely improved on that front.
interestingly, picking up someone who is stranded in the battery park city, some people took vehicles and had a tough time. the water rose very quickly. we are going to be hearing stories in the coming days about people who have not so great experiences. it is two dark to bother. water up to the front of the car, there are going to be some horror stories. certainly, when the light of day comes, a very interesting look at the type of damage that we are just not used to having her. that is pretty much the way the status quo is going. very dark, not expecting the lights back on today. hopefully tomorrow, one must look around so you can see for yourself. very dark. a heavy police presence as well. that is the very latest. >> tai, is it a ghost town around where you are.
>> yes, fewer and fewer people, just because it's getting later and people are heading off to bed. i couldn't imagine just walking around at this point. there are police, but not much fun anymore. there's not much to see by the way of water anymore. the low-key loos are calling it a night. >> you're going to have one more. i'm going to be looking for my apartment door. tai, thank you so much. well, it is about time to take a break. as we take one more look at brian quinn on the streets of an illuminated portion of manhattan. >> yes, it looks like he is sitting in midtown now where there are some cool cars on the
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>> welcome back. continuing coverage of hurricane sandy. this is mount hopkins, new jersey. there was a downed traffic light there. >> most things have blown away. >> this one hit a car. >> we were worried that one of them was going to hit our reporter, she has been dodging traffic lights and stop signs. can you hear us now. >> yes, i can.
>> adrienne, traffic is essentially stopped completely? >> yes, we are not seeing any cards. we are seeing a ton of emergency vehicles, trying to figure out what they are doing. they have some stretchers. we thought maybe rescue. perhaps they are changing gears. we had an accident with a traffic light. these wins, you can see the whipping winds as the ambulance moves out there. that sideways rain, there is another tv crew over there. it is pretty desolate here. you know, we know that there are still a few people on those barrier islands. the message to them now is to stay put. stay put until morning. we are hoping that everyone is all right. we are hearing that there are a few people who are on those barrier islands and are even closer